Let Amazon Web Services
Journey Begins with a Certified
and Trusted Partner

Meet Mobilist, an AWS Consulting Partner to put Amazon Web Services’
unique solutions providing cloud computing platforms and APIs into

AWS Service Delivery Network

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It’s high time to kick off your cloud-based solutions through AWS under the guidance of Mobilist.

Enjoy Collaboration with the Leading Cloud Computing Company

Mobilist is in the game for more than 10 years as a partner of the true pioneer of the cloud computing industry.

Powered by the competence in AWS Consulting Partnership, we are selling AWS licenses alongside offering localized support on more than 175 Amazon services.

Services We Specialized in

Cloud Adoption
Managed Cloud
Data and Analytics
AI and Machine
Security and

AWS Service Validations

AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda

We’re proud to develop, deploy and debug cloud-based mobile apps through
AWS successfully as a competent partner.

AWS Certified Developer
– Associate
AWS Certified
Cloud Practitioner
AWS Select
Consulting Partner
AWS Lambda
Service Delivery

Why Work with Mobilist for AWS?


By working with a qualified AWS consulting partner, it’s possible to save between 40% and 60% both on analytics and real-time bidding costs.

High Security

Mobilist protects subscribers’ data, accounts, and workloads under guarantee provided by Amazon.

Largest Capacity

Amazon Web Services obtains the largest scale computing capacity in the fastest way at a reasonable price; Mobilist manages it.

Provided Solutions for