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Aksigorta has continued to serve its individual and corporate customers successfully since 1960 by taking its customer-oriented and innovative vision forward with sustainable steps. H.Ö Sabancı Holding and Belgium-based Ageas Insurance International N.V. are among the main shareholders of the company. The shares of Aksigorta are traded on the BIST National Market with the symbol AKGRT.


Our aim was to spread a feedback culture throughout the company, increase the interaction between employees and prepare an infrastructure for continuous improvement with the Aksigorta Nabız application. In addition, we endeavored to ensure that employees adopt renewed company values faster and maintained a high level of focus with instant rewards.



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We combined the authenticity of the platform with local components to present a special performance design tailored to fit our target audience. We enabled employees to give accurate feedback more quickly by benefiting from previous behavioral surveys and performance evaluation analyzes. We prepared iOS and Android versions of the mobile application by following the SCRUM development process.

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During the first year more than 16.000 feedbacks were given, nearly 300.000 points were collected and more than 700 awards were distributed with the mobile application we developed. In addition, approximately 3000 responses were received from the Nabız application with the survey studies carried out regularly enabling the continuous monitoring of the employees’ mindset. The instant feedback and rewarding mechanism offered through gamification was embraced by all employees; employee loyalty was also reflected positively in the survey results. This application qualified Aksigorta for the finals of the Altınyaka Awards held within Sabancı Holding.

Enis Altiok

Enis Altıok, Aksigorta | Performance, Salary and Organizational Development Manager

We are very happy to provide a mobile communication experience, which we call a completely different form of feedback for Aksigorta, where gamification and instant rewards are never missing.

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