Business Partnership

After meeting with the customer in a convention, they contacted with us in April 2021 for the development of the iOS mobile application, Drink Water Reminder Daily, with stating their target as to release the first version of the drinking water reminder application with full capabilities and features.


According to the customer’s target, our aim was to develop the app with all capabilities as ready-to-market. As the customer’s product management approach and their major deliverable for the project being its introduction to the market, a detailed work plan settled and presented.


Our development team began the project by defining the primary end user journey on the app, which was then transcribed into the application features (app design). We did E2E testing of the mobile application during development and (both SIT and UAT) before releasing the initial release of the app. A project manager and two software developers were actively involved during the whole development period.


We were able to release the mobile application successfully which has a considerable number of features and connectivity around 2 months. The customer has reached our downloads/day target.