Business Partnership

One Up Technologies is a startup company developing the OneUp app which is empowering people's digital actions with physical activity, charity, and financial gain.


We started to work with the company to complete development of the post MVP version of the application. Our goal was to create a market-ready version of the application by providing our İOS development expertise. We want to prove an overall better experience than the MVP version with up-to-date design and best practices including a monetization system.


After a series of discovery meetings with the customer, we determined the key deliverables as the overhaul of the apps performance, UI, addition of the monetization system, content sorting algorithm and other key features. We decided to continue using firebase for the backend. During this stage, a code review and project manager were chosen and informed the customer as the main POC. We instantly began establishing the channels of communication between our team and the customers before commencing to develop the app in agile sprints after the initial laying out of the project scope. Following the completion of each sprint, our team did bug testing until the builds were in an acceptable state before moving on to the next. The project team consisted of four people, with occasional substitutions and additions as the team’s focus switched to other areas of competence The project manager worked on different elements of the projects including the backend, UI, and front end.


In the end, we delivered a stable and professional version of the app which they can proudly market. As a result, the overall downloads of the application rise, with the bonus of post-revenue.