Business Partnership

In addition to being the heir of a deep-rooted foundation culture, Vakıf Emeklilik, which started to funtion in 1991 and became entitled to operate in the Private Pension System with the Private Pension license it received in 2003, is a subsidiary of Vakıfbank, one of Turkey's major local capital stakeholders. Furthermore, it is also one of the most popular and fastest growing private pension and life insurance companies in Turkey.


We aimed to create a single toolkit that would enable them to benefit from C# development skills by making the portal, digital media, erp and HR applications used in the organization accessible to all employees with mobile applications. Thus, our aim was to accelerate processes and convey employee loyalty by enabling employee access to internal digital platforms from their mobile devices.


We realized a performance design specific to our target audience by combining the originality of the platform with local components. We used HockeyApp analytics to understand where and when users use the app and analyze their behavior. We prepared Android and iOS versions of the mobile application by following the SCRUM development process.


We reached all users within the organization with the mobile application we developed. We increased performance by enabling employees to access all the applications they need in their business processes via mobile devices.