Business Partnership

We became business partners with Globed.co, Turkey's most important digital education infrastructure company. Sharing online educational resources with educational institutions, Globed.co ensures the successful integration of digital resources with teaching systems.


Our aim was to develop a mobile application with a web portal for schools and a mobile application for end-users covering the national education curriculum with an educational, instructive, and entertaining e-learning infrastructure.


We planned a tailor-made performance design for our target audience by combining the originality of the platform with local components. Our aim was to create the most appropriate infrastructure in which we reflect all the benefits of cloud technology by observing KVKK laws. We enabled our target audience to access more than 230 children's books through the mobile application we developed.

How did the project unfold?

Okuvaryum has two different offerings.
One for B2C customers where users can download Okuvaryum App through Apple Appstore and Google Play; and the other for B2B customers where schools can subscribe and use the solutions for educational purposes for all of its students.
We had no restrictsions or constraints to use for technologies. So using different frameworks for different jobs and making microservices interact with each other was an option.

For first phase, Mobile Apps were developed. We utilised Serverless technologies for use with Mobile Apps. We used Lambda, SQS, Elasticache, RDS, API Gateway, Cognito for infrastructure, S3 and Cloudfront for static file delivery.

For the second phase, we launched the website for schools. We focused on ECS Fargate, ELB, WAF, Codebuild, CodePipeline and Cloudformation for infrastructure.

We used, Node.js, Symfony, GoLang, Swift, Kotlin, Angular and Laravel for different levels of the code.
We were not expecting an outside effect like Covid-19 causing schools to close and forcing students to be at homes for couple of months. Our app was in its first month when we had the corona effect. We had 10K downloads in our first month; with schools closing we started to have 10K downloads a day. Our needs peaked but because we were using Serverless technologies, this peak is handled by AWS itself and we didn’t have any downtime although we were growing 30x then we were facing.

Why AWS?

AWS is

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Cost effective

Project Pros

All of our infrastructure is coded as Cloudformation script. Therefore, we can replicate it in any region within minutes. It is fault tolerant with disaster recovery scenarios. And we can replicate infrastructure for different needs.
It is fully scalable. Mobile app backend is handled by Lambda, web is handled by Fargate. We do not have boundries in our system which will cause bottlenecks. AWS is taking care of everything for us.
We do not need any network or system specialist. All we need is software developers.

Solution Components Featured in the Project

Route53, Cognito, DynamoDB, WAF, Cloudfront, S3, API Gateway, Lambda, SQS, Elasticache, ELB, KMS, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, Cloudformation, ECS, Fargate, RDS, VPN Gateway, EC2, Cloudwatch, SNS, SES, Transcribe


With the mobile application we developed, we managed to reach 600 thousand individual users in just 2 months during the COVID-19 period. We have delivered a problem-free infrastructure thanks to the Serverless structure we use. We achieved successful results in terms of interaction by reaching an average usage time of 40 minutes.