We Deliver Personalized Recipes Using Data Wisely

Business Partnership

We have become a business partner of Yemeksepeti.com, the recipe site of Yemeksepeti.com, Turkey's largest mobile food ordering platform. This website, where people can share their recipes or visit as readers, successfully digitizes the topic of "recipes" by offering thousands of recipes in dozens of food categories.


We initiated the iOS and Android applications by integrating the user experience on the website into the mobile application and using the Microsoft Xamarin Cross-Platform tool to target different mobile platforms, working in sync with the website's data.


We realized a performance design specific to our target audience by combining the originality of the platform with local components. We used Firebase analytics to understand where and when users use the app and analyze their behavior. We prepared Android and iOS versions of the mobile application by following the SCRUM development process.


We managed to reach 1 million individual users with the mobile application we developed. We got 4.8 points from the app store with the ratings made by people who used the app. Moreover, we commissioned this successful project in just 6 months.